Kickstarter DIYVR DC-1 Extra Instructions

(For DODOcase VR Viewer Assembly see farther down the page below)

Mechanical Button Reinforcement tape:

Hat Mount Assembly: 

Step 1:

Take long fuzzy strip of velcro and adhere to the front brim of mount where cut out is, fold back over so end of velcro terminates at edge of brim.

Step 2:

Take long scratchy strip of velcro and wrap around center of red elastic, fold in half so ends of velcro meet.

Step 3:

Place small pieces of velcro on closing flaps, there are marks on the cardboard to help you align pieces in correct area. Be sure to place velcro on correct sides of each flap so they mate when hat mount is closed around your VR viewer.

Magnet Button Install:

Leap Motion Mount Install:


DODOcase VR Pop Up Kit Video instructions

(For DODOcase VR Kit 1.1 Video instructions are below)




Step 1 
Place NFC tag where designated. Peel and place double sided tape and scratchy side of velcro pieces where designated. Flip over to adhere soft side of velcro pieces on other side.

Step 2

Apply the ring shaped stickers to side that reads "peer into the future". Align so inside of sticker overhangs hole slightly. Turn over and place lenses into the faceplate. Each lens will adhere to the underside of the sticker.

*IMPORTANT*  Flat side of lenses should adhere to sticker and be on the side that says "peer into the future".

Step 3
Peel and place double sided tape. Fold panel A to meet panel A. Place the black magnet into the hole. Tape will hold magnet in place.

Step 4
Attach and insert nosepiece and faceplate into cardboard so that curved lenses face the nfc tag.

Step 5
Match panel B to the corresponding panel B and secure with tape. place silver magnet ring in designated slot.

Step 6
Insert phone with the screen towards you and align camera with the opening in the cardboard. Use optional rubber band to secure.  

Step 7
Download the dodocase vr app to experience 3d on your phone. If image is blurry, try flipping the lens direction. Refer back to step 2 for placement. 


Note: This product is NOT a protective case. Your phone may slide out if you do not properly hold/secure it. We are not responsible for any dropped phone. This product contains magnets. Those with pacemakers or other medical devices should check with a physician.