VR Apps Get Real: Our Top Five Picks

Mar 09, 2015

Check out our top five picks for cool new VR Apps for iOS and Android. From super fun games, high speed rally car racing, space and arctic exploration, to foreign city tours and practical work applications, there's a whole new world of experiences right at our fingertips!



Polar Sea 360

Moorente (Duck Hunt)


Subaru Motorsports

 London VR




Proton Pulse

VR Cosmic Roller Coaster

Hyundai VR

Insite VR


Check out our  DODOcase VR Android app for a full list of the latest Mobile VR apps for Android.



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5 Ways Brands Can Trailblaze with Virtual Reality Today

Feb 10, 2015

ELLE, R/GA, And The Top VR Agencies Drop Knowledge

It’s been a mere six months since Google announced Cardboard—their playful, smartphone-based VR platform that takes an inexpensive cardboard constructed viewer and transforms your everyday phone into a brand new immersive experience. And in the first twenty-four hours after Google’s announcement, the team here at DODOcase created our own version of Cardboard. Google liked it so much they’ve made us an official partner—and this month, we launched our brand new, pop-up viewer, which assembles in under thirty seconds.

Brands and agencies have taken note of Cardboard too, because they recognize it as an entrée into the next generation of storytelling mediums. The passion for connecting with users in unique, innovative ways has given rise to new marketing and experiential activations that take advantage of smartphone-based virtual reality.

We asked digital agency of the year, R/GA, top VR shops Jaunt VR, Framestore, and Tactic, and Elle magazine about how they became trailblazers in smartphone virtual reality, and to share some advice with you—here’s what they had to say:

5 Ways Brands Can Trailblaze with Virtual Reality Today

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Best Practices for Custom VR Kits

Jan 23, 2015

Welcome DODOcaseVR fans!

DODOcase has just launched a new tool to allow you to completely customize your very own PopUp Virtual Reality Viewer. The superfine finish on our all white cardboard is the perfect canvas for creating anything from a personalized viewer for a techie friend to 1,000 branded viewers for a corporate event. Whatever the need, we have viewers for you. And now you get to have your say in the design process too. 

We've already designed quite a few of these, but now that the ball's in your court we wanted to provide a few tips for getting started:

1.  Have a look at our PopUp Viewer. With 6+ printable surfaces and 3 dimensions, there's a lot of potential for some out-of-the-box thinking. On the other hand, with an uninterrupted front panel there's also a great opportunity to have your logo front and center. You're the designer, so the choice is yours.

2.   Visit our VR Customizer. We just launched a customizer where you can choose how much of the viewer you want to design. Select "front print only" to just design the front panel, "complete print" to customize every nook and cranny, and "complete print + packaging" for a comprehensive on and off the shelf personalized look.

3.  Prepare your art. Whether it's a logo, a photograph, or vector art, your file needs to be smaller than 10MB and in jpg, png, or bmp format. Also, keep in mind that although you are designing virtually this will be a printed product, so high-res imagery (300 DPI) is a must. Save yourself a headache by getting the art ready before you begin, or simply pull readymade images from Facebook or Instagram. Either way, once you have images loaded you will have the chance to arrange and resize as you see fit.

4.  Check out the panel previews. While the template builder provides a lot of guidance, these photo previews are here to save you from any surprises when it comes to the physical surfaces you are working with. Click the camera icon on each panel to see where perforated folds and cutaways are positioned so that you can place your artwork accordingly.

5.  Reach out if you have any questions. Having designed a few of these ourselves, we know that thinking in 3D can be downright tricky. If you need any additional guidance just ask our expert staff--we're happy to help.

6. The nitty gritty. Here are some pro-tips to avoid classic pitfalls of the design process:

-Front and Side Wrap. Many clients like to use a single image to wrap across the front and extend to both side panels. This works really well, but keep in mind that there will be a quarter inch gap between these panels (the space for the smartphone to sit behind the lenses), and therefore not a continuous print. 

-Front and Top Wrap. Unlike the side panels, the top panel connects to the front panel seamlessly (minus  two small cutouts). We like to take advantage of this when we design viewers, wrapping a single color across both, or a continuing image. 

-The Top Panel. The top panel of the viewer exists on two planes: the top body of the viewer which will be mostly obscured, and the top flap. The top flap is a great place to position a logo--it is very prominent when the viewer sits on a table or is in use, but leaves space on the front panel for more graphic treatments. When positioning art on the top flap, try to place text or logos in the area unobstructed by cut outs or perforation lines. The top body of the viewer is a good place to either continue a color or graphic, or to specifically place text or imagery that you only want to be visible for the moments that the viewer is opened to insert a smartphone (the secret "reveal" space, if you will). Just keep the velcro in mind--centering content in this space is not an option.

-The Left Panel. This panel is actually comprised of two flaps glued to each other, creating a slight break in the visual plane a quarter inch from the base. We encourage either creating designs that incorporate this break, or placing imagery over it that you don't mind having interrupted (i.e. putting your logo across this line is discouraged).

-The Right Panel. This panel also has a visual break, this time located a quarter inch from the top in the form of a perforated line. It is best to avoid putting text squarely on top of it. Also, the base of this panel is where the DODOcase VR logo lives, so be sure to not place any text in the bottom half inch. We also ask that you not completely obscure our logo--simple graphics or light color fields are fine, but excessively complex imagery or black over the top of it is not permitted. 

-The Bottom Panel. This panel gets the least exposure visually, and also contains the most cutouts and fixed text elements. These cannot be altered or moved, so the bottom is the least valuable real estate for communicating a message. Leaving this panel blank, extending a graphic from other panels, or putting a secondary "secret" graphic is recommended.

-Creating Blank Panels. Our interface doesn't currently allow you to proceed to checkout until all panels contain graphics. If there is any panel that you want to leave blank or undesigned, upload an all white image to that panel. (Such as this white square or this: ).

Good luck and have fun! Below are a few examples of our handiwork to help get the ball rolling.


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Is Medium the Next Big Frontier for Content Marketing?

Jan 13, 2015

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Tessa Wegert, to view the full article click here

Medium's capacity to host exclusive content as well as disperse existing material to new readers means it has something for everyone including small businesses who don’t have Fortune 500 resources.

San Francisco-based DODOcase, maker of handmade cases for mobile devices, recognized an opportunity to educate audiences about a new product category on the site. The company recently ventured into virtual reality with toolkits, inspired by Google Cardboard, that turn smartphones into virtual reality (VR) viewers. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund their DIY VR kits. That required not only informational content, but a unique approach to amplifying it.

We've had so many questions from customers about what VR is and why we're doing this, says Macy McGinness, VP of marketing with DODOcase. We felt like we needed to take a leadership position by developing content around VR, and Medium is the place to do that right out of the gate.

To date, DODOcase has published three of five articles in a series created specifically for the site. Posts include a look at the technology behind the DODOcase VR viewer, a guide to third-party VR apps, and an exclusive interview with VR innovator Tony Parisi.

Though primarily intended for consumers, the company's Medium profile has also proved useful to its business development staff, which is tasked with explaining the product’s value to potential business partners. The in-depth storytelling, the way the stories can be shared and interacted with that's huge, McGinness says. It's more than we could ask for from our blog.

When it came to producing its Medium posts, DODOcase eschewed its usual in-house content development process for a marketing consultant who already knew the site well. A fresh publishing platform, McGinness explains, required a fresh perspective.

The company chose Rob Goodman, who formerly worked in marketing at both Google and Simon & Schuster. Medium gives you that space to be a bit more free and open with ideas that circle around your core product but aren't directly tied to its promotion,” Goodman says. For brands, we talk about authenticity a lot in content marketing, but on Medium especially, that becomes really key.

DODOcase's first post received 2,700 views and a 25 percent read ratio, while the second had a read ratio of 50 percent. I've been thrilled by people's reactions and the excitement around [the posts], McGinness says, adding that they played a part in ensuring the company's Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal.

In an age when 60 percent of consumers favor storytelling over traditional ads, smart brands will experiment with new publishing platforms. When the platform prizes good content, the medium really is the message.

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Live Concerts, World Travel and More — in Virtual Reality

Dec 12, 2014

Five Free VR Apps You Can Enjoy on Your Phone Today

Yes, it may seem futuristic, but the immersive world of virtual reality is already available right through your smartphone. Whether your phone runs iOS or Android, you can explore amazing new virtual worlds today — all you need is a cardboard viewer. It's that simple. To help get you started, we're sharing some of our favorite new VR apps on Medium. And yes — they're all free. Have any favorite VR apps? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @DODOsays

Live Concerts, World Travel & More — in Virtual Reality

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The Coming of Age of Virtual Reality - An Interview with VR Innovator Tony Parisi.

Dec 10, 2014

When our Co-Founder Patrick Buckley reached out to Tony Parisi about realizing the dream of an open ecosystem for developing VR applications, he was more than game for the adventure.

Now after the launch of our Kickstarter together to achieve just that mission, we sat down with Tony to chat some more about all things VR, including Oculus Rift, owning the future, Lawnmower Man… oh, and how VR might help save the world. When Tony Parisi visited a downtown San Francisco tech meetup dedicated to virtual reality this fall — the enthusiasm from the small group of developers was palpable. After all, for most of them, it was their first time meeting one of the original godfathers of virtual reality. “How many of you love Oculus Rift?” he asked the group. Most of the hands in the room shot up. “And how many of you are excited about waiting over a year to get your hands on one?” he asked only half seriously. The hands dropped like flies until Tony brought them back in with the promise of VR in their pockets, available on the very smartphones they use to call, text, and tweet every day.

That’s the promise of DIYVR, or do-it-yourself virtual reality. A movement that Tony, we here at DODOcase, and others in the developer community are espousing as the equivalent of a free and open internet. It’s the ability to develop and code VR applications in a way that’s as simple as building a web page. 

Read the entire  interview on Medium today.


The Coming of Age of Virtual Reality

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VR DiscoCon

Dec 09, 2014

We've all heard of silent disco but have you ever heard of Disco VR?

We teamed up with our friends at Betabrand and the virtual reality production company Metaverse  to film (with drones!) a 360-degree dance party featuring our VR viewers and Betabrand's shimmery disco attire at the Lyft Headquarters.

Check out the DISCON VR in 360 Degrees with your VR Viewer. 

Special thanks to Betabrand, Metaverse, and Lyft for making this video possible!

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Why We Love VR (Because We Love Makers)

Dec 02, 2014

Over the past few months, we here at DODOcase have been working hard to bring you the next generation of virtual reality technology in the most convenient, affordable way possible with Cardboard VR. And two weeks ago, we took a big step forward in helping to not only make viewers more accessible but to make the games and experiences that customers can get using virtual reality even more easy to enjoy. That’s why we launched our Kickstarter campaign to support open developer standards for virtual reality programming. It will make enjoying your virtual reality experiences as easy as visiting a web page.

We wanted to share more of our story with you - so we sat down with our co-founders Patrick and Craig and took to Medium to talk about why our love for our customers and for makers of all kinds (handcrafted and digital) is driving us to help make virtual reality accessible for everyone. Check out our first piece on Medium here and learn more about what we have been up to with our Kickstarter. We're excited to announce that we've surpassed our goal but would love to stretch it even more so please share with friends and colleagues! Thank you for your continued support for all things DODOcase. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season! 


Why We Love Virtual Reality (Hint: Because We Love Makers)

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Introducing our #DIYVR Kickstarter!

Nov 18, 2014

Our #DIYVR Kickstarter Campaign Launched Today! Help us make Virtual Reality as free and open as the Internet!


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DODOcase is Going to New York Comic Con!

Sep 25, 2014

If you've been wanting to try Virtual Reality, come visit us at Booth #1568 at Comic Con NYC - the biggest and most exciting pop event of the year! We will be providing demos of our new Smartphone VR Viewer showing new content that has never been seen before.  

DODOcase sees a huge opportunity to bring this exciting immersive technology to people everywhere and is actively looking to connect with content and app developers who are pioneering the VR space. Please email DODOcaseVR at or come visit us at Comic Con NYC. 


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