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5 Ways Brands Can Trailblaze with Virtual Reality Today

Feb 10, 2015

ELLE, R/GA, And The Top VR Agencies Drop Knowledge

It’s been a mere six months since Google announced Cardboard—their playful, smartphone-based VR platform that takes an inexpensive cardboard constructed viewer and transforms your everyday phone into a brand new immersive experience. And in the first twenty-four hours after Google’s announcement, the team here at DODOcase created our own version of Cardboard. Google liked it so much they’ve made us an official partner—and this month, we launched our brand new, pop-up viewer, which assembles in under thirty seconds.

Brands and agencies have taken note of Cardboard too, because they recognize it as an entrée into the next generation of storytelling mediums. The passion for connecting with users in unique, innovative ways has given rise to new marketing and experiential activations that take advantage of smartphone-based virtual reality.

We asked digital agency of the year, R/GA, top VR shops Jaunt VR, Framestore, and Tactic, and Elle magazine about how they became trailblazers in smartphone virtual reality, and to share some advice with you—here’s what they had to say:

5 Ways Brands Can Trailblaze with Virtual Reality Today