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Is Medium the Next Big Frontier for Content Marketing?

Jan 13, 2015

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Tessa Wegert, to view the full article click here

Medium's capacity to host exclusive content as well as disperse existing material to new readers means it has something for everyone including small businesses who don’t have Fortune 500 resources.

San Francisco-based DODOcase, maker of handmade cases for mobile devices, recognized an opportunity to educate audiences about a new product category on the site. The company recently ventured into virtual reality with toolkits, inspired by Google Cardboard, that turn smartphones into virtual reality (VR) viewers. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund their DIY VR kits. That required not only informational content, but a unique approach to amplifying it.

We've had so many questions from customers about what VR is and why we're doing this, says Macy McGinness, VP of marketing with DODOcase. We felt like we needed to take a leadership position by developing content around VR, and Medium is the place to do that right out of the gate.

To date, DODOcase has published three of five articles in a series created specifically for the site. Posts include a look at the technology behind the DODOcase VR viewer, a guide to third-party VR apps, and an exclusive interview with VR innovator Tony Parisi.

Though primarily intended for consumers, the company's Medium profile has also proved useful to its business development staff, which is tasked with explaining the product’s value to potential business partners. The in-depth storytelling, the way the stories can be shared and interacted with that's huge, McGinness says. It's more than we could ask for from our blog.

When it came to producing its Medium posts, DODOcase eschewed its usual in-house content development process for a marketing consultant who already knew the site well. A fresh publishing platform, McGinness explains, required a fresh perspective.

The company chose Rob Goodman, who formerly worked in marketing at both Google and Simon & Schuster. Medium gives you that space to be a bit more free and open with ideas that circle around your core product but aren't directly tied to its promotion,” Goodman says. For brands, we talk about authenticity a lot in content marketing, but on Medium especially, that becomes really key.

DODOcase's first post received 2,700 views and a 25 percent read ratio, while the second had a read ratio of 50 percent. I've been thrilled by people's reactions and the excitement around [the posts], McGinness says, adding that they played a part in ensuring the company's Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal.

In an age when 60 percent of consumers favor storytelling over traditional ads, smart brands will experiment with new publishing platforms. When the platform prizes good content, the medium really is the message.