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Why We Love VR (Because We Love Makers)

Dec 02, 2014

Over the past few months, we here at DODOcase have been working hard to bring you the next generation of virtual reality technology in the most convenient, affordable way possible with Cardboard VR. And two weeks ago, we took a big step forward in helping to not only make viewers more accessible but to make the games and experiences that customers can get using virtual reality even more easy to enjoy. That’s why we launched our Kickstarter campaign to support open developer standards for virtual reality programming. It will make enjoying your virtual reality experiences as easy as visiting a web page.

We wanted to share more of our story with you - so we sat down with our co-founders Patrick and Craig and took to Medium to talk about why our love for our customers and for makers of all kinds (handcrafted and digital) is driving us to help make virtual reality accessible for everyone. Check out our first piece on Medium here and learn more about what we have been up to with our Kickstarter. We're excited to announce that we've surpassed our goal but would love to stretch it even more so please share with friends and colleagues! Thank you for your continued support for all things DODOcase. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season! 


Why We Love Virtual Reality (Hint: Because We Love Makers)