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The Status of VR #Cardboard Kit

Jul 08, 2014

Manufacturing physical stuff is a fascinating and fun process. We want to bring you along for the ride and give you updates on how we are making your DODOcase #cardboard VR kit and where we are in the process. We will also be capturing photospheres of things when/where it makes sense so once you get your VR toolkit you can actually visit our factory in virtual reality and feel like you were right there! Pretty cool if you ask me.

First things first, let me answer the question you probably all have…
When am I going to get my VR #cardboard kit?!

The good news is that we are on schedule and it is looking like we may be able to get things out sooner than our 6 week projected timeline. I don’t want to guarantee that as we are still waiting for some of the component parts to arrive from vendors (lenses and magnets have the longest lead time) and that is always a little out of our control. We were able to source the exact same lenses in the Google IO kits and they are top notch.

In the coming posts, we'll be sharing our journey into the world of making shapes with cardboard. We'll be looking at the different options of cutting: hand cutting, laser cutting, CNC cutter/creaser, and die cutting with flat dies or rotary dies. We'll also look at the metrics of production with the three key variables of quantity, quality and speed.

Come along and track with us in the process!

- Patrick Buckley, Co-founder DODOcase