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Buy American and Do Your Part: Interview with Ball and Buck President Mark Bollman

Dec 17, 2013

We're big fans of the American lifestyle and gentleman's retailer Ball and Buck, and even bigger fans the eye-catching collaborative DODOcase we created together. We will answer the question why buy American made products? Mark Bollman, Ball and Buck president and founder sat down with us to talk about the importance of supporting and buying American made products, the joys of hunting with a DODOcase, and of course, camo.

DODOcase: Can you tell us how you became involved in a collaboration with DODOcase?

Mark: Ball and Buck is always looking to partner with the best companies in their field. When it comes to iPad cases, DODOcase is hands down the best. DODOcase and Ball and Buck also align at a core level. The two brands believe in offering products that are the highest quality and utilize natural materials to give customers products that not only feel like they will last a lifetime, but do. 


You guys have done such a great job at capturing true American hunting-inspired attire. In your opinion, is it safe to say that camouflage will never go out of style? 

I always say, the ideal Ball and Buck wardrobe is one that if you were packing your "last suitcase" everything in that suitcase would come from Ball and Buck. That's to say that you would want to pack Ball and Buck products not only because you trust the quality to last your the rest of your life, but also that you love how you look and feel wearing everything we make. At the core level of all our designs is actual purpose. In regards to our signature camo, I created the design based off the vintage military and duck hunting camouflage prints from WWII. It's not the new "HD" camo's of today but it works just as well. To this day I still do all my hunting in vintage camo, and I don't have any trouble hitting my limit. Our signature camo was created before camo was "in" and will stay far after. It's a pattern that is core to the hunting inspiration at the foundation of every product and represents the heritage values and high quality made in usa manufacturing that was in its heyday during the era when these types of camouflage prints were prevalent. 

As a fellow American Made company, what do you consider some of the benefits of manufacturing in America?

 Where to begin...  I could probably write a book on this question but in an effort to keep this short I'll touch on a couple of the most important reasons.  #1 America has to make things.  We are a country built on a foundation of manufacturing and as much as we'd like to dream that we can employ the entire country with design, consulting, and management jobs its just not the reality.  American craftsmen have been and continue to be the best in the world. There is such a sense of pride American's have in their country that when a craftsman is stitching on the Made in USA label, you know damn well they are going to do their best work, and be proud of it.  #2 Making products in this country is the most critical component to future sustainability as a country.  Every $1 spent on USA made goods generates something like an additional $1.30 in additional revenue for the country. Its not just the actual factory making the iPad case, but the neighborhood printing supply shop, bamboo supplier, and UPS guy that also end up having a job because of that initial manufacturing process. When you realize that if everyone spent just an additional 5% on Made in USA products we would create 1 Million USA jobs it really puts into perspective how significant even small purchases make a greater impact. Take away: if everyone who reads this article buys the DODOcase X Ball and Buck iPad case you will be doing your part!  #gottafeedtheteam

We heard that you personally hunt and field test everything you make and sell, how did the DODOcase preform out there in the wilderness?

Well I hit my hunting limit the first morning while getting to surf the net in between ducks flying by so I'd say it could't have performed any better. 

What iPad app would you say you use more frequently? Are any apps hunting specific?

With hunting the weather largely determines your success in the field. So the weather app is a must. Other than that I like to be able to surf the net and answer work emails while I am out in the field. By having an iPad versus a traditional computer it is much easier to quickly set it down should some game come into range. Its really a great blind buddy no matter what you are hunting. That said - no headphones and dimmer to the lowest setting - you've still got to be paying attention!