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Meet Our Team

Nov 06, 2013

As an integral contributor to the DODOcase operations team, Cory Sanderson, our Director of Shipping 1. Where are you from? Marshalltown, Iowa, although I’ve lived in Northern

California for the last 5 years. 2. What is your role at DODOcase?

I serve as DODOcase’s Fulfillment Manager, insuring that each case gets where it needs to go in the world. Even though each and every case is made right here in San Francisco, we utilize two domestic and two international warehouses to keep your shipping cost down. My job is to manage the end of the production flow and get our cases into your hands through the most efficient warehouse and courier routes.

3. What area in San Francisco do you live in?

A quiet neighborhood right between the Mission and Noe Valley 4. Describe your favorite Sunday in San Francisco?

My favorite Sunday involves two cups of coffee and the New York Times at Borderlands Books on Valencia St. (yes, I read the Times on a tablet in my DODOcase ;), followed by a run along the Embarcadero and a lazy afternoon amid the crowd in Dolores Park. 5. Which DODOcase best embodies your personality?

I would have to say that’s our FOG case. Deep texture and a little rugged… 6. There are a lot of perks to working in the DogPatch, what stands out for you?

Since I bike from the Mission, working in the DogPatch gives me one of the few almost flat commutes in the city. Once here, the renaissance in the DogPatch has spawned coffee shops and restaurants, making lunch enjoyable. We also connect to great running routes, making this an easy place from which to launch an afternoon workout. 7. Outside of being a passionate member of DODOcase, what passions do you peruse outside of the nest?

I like to bike, hike, and run for exercise and there couldn’t be a more beautiful city in which to do it. I’m also a pilot and enjoy an occasional sight-seeing flight. 8. What is the best book you’ve read within the last year?

Maybe it’s an indicator of my generation’s attention span, but I’ve shifted from books to magazines and newspapers! I read the Times every day and love Fortune magazine for their exceptional coverage of new technology.